CitySourced featured on “What’s Trending”

Good Magazine and What’s Trending highlighted the CitySourced application on this weeks “People are Awesome” segment on CBS News:

The app is described as “a real time mobile civic engagement platform” with the capacity to get quick solutions to issues local to its users like unsightly graffiti and litter. Daradics, “the social catalyst” for CitySourced, endorses the app, describing it as free and simple to use. With only a snap of a smart phone, problems in local neighborhoods can be identified and fixed by local government.

You can read the full article and see the CBS news video here.


One thought on “CitySourced featured on “What’s Trending”

  1. Scott Leese

    I am very good friends with the developer of this app. Kurt Daradics , Excellent speaker and very cutting edge in the social media world. Would be an excellent presenter at a Davenport Institute event. Let me know if I can make an introduction for you. Scott Leese 805 551-8784


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