IT-related words and political parties

A new online tool, Capitol Words, can chart usage of words in Congressional Records to allow a quick search of who is talking about what.  Users enter a word and the website charts the popularity of that word over several years.  Users can also compare charts of Democrats use of a particular word with that of Republicans.  To demonstrate, Alice Lipowicz shares some interesting discoveries of IT- related words:

The word Facebook first appeared on the chart in 2006, peaking in 2011. It is used predominantly by Democrats. Twitter made its first foray onto the chart in 2008, with several peaks since then. Republicans mention Twitter more often.. .

Experiements with several IT-related words showed a mixed record.

“Cloud” appeared in 1997 and peaked in 2008 and in 2011. It is slightly more popular among Democrats.

“Egovernment” showed a nearly flat chart, with a peak in 2001 in Democratic use and another peak in 2010 by GOPers.

The terms “Gov20” and “Gov2.0” do not appear to show up on the chart at all. Those are popular terms on Twitter that describe government activities in the new media Web 2.0 world.

You can read more here.

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