When Gov 2.0 is not Participation

With the give-and-take nature of Gov 2.0 technology, it is tempting for agencies and tech developers to laud platforms, applications, etc as the solution for our public engagement issues. ┬áBut as a recent article on TechPresident notes, even with the most advanced gov 2.0 technology, there can be a difference between “feedback” and engagement:

We do agree agencies aren’t doing the best job of engaging on these networks yet,” wrote Dash in an e-mail to techPresident in response to some questions about lessons learned from the Expert Labs experience. “One key finding we’ve focused on in our final reports is that the division between communications/outreach arms of agencies, which typically manage social networking accounts, and the policy making groups within agencies, which actually impact the decisions being made, is a pretty significant barrier to public participation.

You can read more here.

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