Government “Dashboards”

Hat tip to Cynthia Gibson for drawing our attention to David Eaves recent article on the online dashboards that cities and counties are using in an attempt to “both educate residents about the city’s services, as well as provide a straightforward way by which to assess performance.” ¬†Eaves looks at how the information can lead to more increased engagement, but also offers a word of caution:

That said, there is also a real danger that we will come to believe that dashboards will de-politicize government; that simply because we are looking at “raw” data, we have somehow removed ideology from how we govern ourselves. But as I discussed in Lies, Damn Lies and Open Data, nothing could be further from the truth. Dashboards are very political. To be clear, that does not make them bad, or counter productive, it just means that they are political.

You can read more here.

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