Detroit Future City

Over on our InCommon blog, we’ve highlighted a number of the projects that the City of Detroit has undertaken over the last year to increase civic engagement.  Most recently the city launched its “Detroit Future City” website to encourage online engagement around the city’s strategic framework plan:

Now – after hundreds of meetings, 30,000 conversations, connecting with people over 163,000 times, over 70,000 survey responses and comments from participants, and countless hours spent dissecting and examining critical data about our city – we are proud to present Detroit Future City. Within this document lies a path forward towards realizing the aspirations of an entire city; Within it lies a guide for decision-making that is now exclusively for one entity or one mayor or one generation, but for each of us — and those who come after us — in our roles as citizens, philanthropists, developers, business people, neighborhood champions, parents and beyond.

You can read more here.

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