21st Century Civic Education

Editor’s correction: this post originally described City Digits as and MIT project.  It has been brough to our attention that the project is actually spearheaded by CUNY. Laurie H. Rubel is the principal investigator collaborating with MIT’s Civic Design lab. The linked CampusTechnology article was updated after it was brought to our attention.

City University New York (CUNY), in collaboration with MIT’s Civic Data Design Lab, has undertaken a project with New York City Public Schools to help students improve math skills and civic literacy at the same time:

“Every day we read that big data is going to change the world,” said (Sarah) Williams in a prepared statement. “But if we can’t read or understand that data, it’s going to be hard to make effective decisions. I feel it’s important to promote data literacy among youth and the general population so they can analyze information with a critical eye, understand what statistics mean and learn more about the community in which they live.”

The first piece to be unrolled looks at lottery ticket sales throughout the city, but it isn’t hard to imagine many other projects students could engage with.  You cane read more here or explore the City Digits site here.

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