Orland Park, IL: Community Rewards

We’ve highlighted techniques for “gamifying” civic engagement before on this blog.  The city of Orland Park, IL, is seeking to incorporate some of these ideas through their new community incentives site.  In a recent article in the local paper, freelance columnist Laura Hinderman describes her own experience with the new platform:

Having registered at http://www.inour.community/orlandpark, I find it both fun and alluring. Whether I was “checking in” at places in the community or earning points for promoting events via Facebook or sharing community happenings over Twitter, I genuinely felt engaged.

Most of us are members of some kind of loyalty program; many of which are not interactive. InOur.Community takes the idea of a loyalty program to the next level, feeling somewhat like a game. Users are amassing points to use toward experiences, discounts, or online auction items. In some instances, you will automatically be enrolled in sweepstakes for area gift cards or show tickets. Not bad for a free program that ultimately benefits the community!

You can read more here.

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