Long Beach: Engaging for Open Data

This past weekend, the City of Long Beach kicked off the first of three forums it’s hoping will help develop the city’s policies for Open Data. Sponsored by members of the Technology and Innovation Commission, in partnership with the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), and Los Angeles County’s Innovation Week(s), the forums will be  held over the course of three days this fall, and cover a variety of issues such as budget, inspections, code enforcement, crime, permits and lobbyist activities:

“The Open Data Initiative gives the creative community and entrepreneurs access to our City’s data so that they can develop new ways to meet the needs of our City,” said Mayor Robert Garcia in a statement. “This will improve efficiency, increase transparency, community engagement, and accountability, and drive further innovation.”

The community’s input will help the city better understand the types of data people are seeking, whether for academic research, developing mobile apps, analyzing business and real estate opportunities or simply a better understanding of the city’s government and its finances, according to the release.

For a complete list of the forum schedule click here. To join the online discussion about open data, click here, to share your thoughts about open data online, click here and for more information about Long Beach Innovation Week(s), click here.

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