Tinder for Voting?

Last year, a couple young entrepreneurs from southern California launched Voter – an app designed to not only encourage more young people to vote, but to help them be a bit more informed in their voting choices.  Now they have launched their “2.0” version which, in addition to the presidential race includes all gubernatorial and senate seats open in 2016.

The platform has been getting attention in the tech world, with features this week on the Blaze and re/code.  From the Blaze article:

The app’s chief executive and founder, Hunter Scarborough, said he wanted to create a mobile app that responded to a practical concern millennials like him often face: Many are skeptical of traditional news sources, but lack the time or energy to dig deep into candidates’ voting records, speeches and endorsements.

“I was working very long hours — 12-hour days, 14-hour days. When it came to an election, I didn’t have time to do research. I was frustrated by the lack of objective information. I was at a loss,” Scarborough told Recode. “In the 21st century, there’s got to be a way to take technology and make that process easier.”

Scarborough wanted his app to make politics accessible to those who might otherwise be inclined to disengage altogether. Today, the app joins a growing number of voting aids designed to equip voters with information so that they can enter the voting booth with confidence.

The app is available in the itunes store.

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