Cloud Computing a Must?

Last month, Morten Brogger, CEO of Huddle; a secure cloud collaborating consulting firm, shares with readers why many governments have yet to switch to “the cloud” citing security concerns, while also offering some reassurances.

“The need to deliver better services at a lower cost is driving every level of government to look for new, more collaborative ways of working. While this need is not new, the tools available to government organizations are. Initiatives to drive greater collaboration — internally between teams and agencies, as well as externally with partners, suppliers and the public — are today being met with a mix of cloud computing, social tools, mobile devices and collaborative work platforms.”

As Brogger cites a recent report titled 2015 CIO Agenda: A Government Perspective, “Infrastructure, analytics and cloud computing are the top three technology priorities for government CIOs in all tiers and region, but the adoption of cloud service in government lags behind other industries.”

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Contributor: Brian Stewart, Pepperdine School of Public Policy, MPP Candidate ’17.

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