Democracy Map: Where to engage

Becoming a civically engaged citizen just got a little bit easier according to Chris Haller, Founder and CEO of Urban Interactive Studio.  Haller refers to DemocracyMap, a new initiative from Phil Ashlock, who has also been involved in Open311 and CivicCommons. DemocracyMap coordinates local boundary information and interfaces to help citizens discover and understand civic entities for a specific location:

The current DemocracyMap prototype provides primary contact information for every city, county, and state in the U.S. as well as contact information for all state and national legislators, all governors, all county officials, and over 100,000 municipal officials. State and national legislators have been provided by the Sunlight Congress & Open States APIs, and everything else has been assembled using disparate government sources and web scraper scripts.

Through the initiative, citizens can identify who and what their government is by searching for their address and or using the GPS location provided by their smart phone. To read more click here.

To access a demo of the current DemocracyMap coverage click here.

Contributor: Brian Stewart, Pepperdine School of Public Policy, MPP Candidate ’17.

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